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right here he can take control. jim: for a big guy that hits a big ball he's got some nice hands, like he showed with that backhand. john: take this on early. be aggressive in this. bill: oh, he got it! 3-1. john: absolutely impeccable timing by mardy fish there. i don't know what clement was thinking there but he bunted the ball because he was out of position and 345rdy seized the opportunity and gets the break. jim: that wasn't an easy volley
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either. that was a pretty good pass. in the players box. stacey his wife on the feet first. >> fault. >> out. bill: we're live at the usta billie jean king national tennis center. the u.s. open here on cbs. extending our coverage here to bring you mardy fish and arnaud clement. louis armstrong stadium.
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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] bill: fish up a break in the fifth. these two have battled three hours, 11 minutes. 15-15. john: he's seized the moment so far in this fifth set. he doesn't want to get tentative like he did when he pulled back on that forehand. he's much better when he's stepping in and being aggressive. easy for me to say up here, but factually correct. jim: he almost whiffed that one. 82-mile-an-hour mis-hit first
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serve. john: that wind is still pretty rough. jim: he overcompensated on that second serve. bill: that double fault puts him in a hole. roger federer, no problem. straight sets. tonight it will be james blake and djokovic. robin solderling straight sets. twice a french open finalist. gael monfils, that was a battle in the grandstand. beat tipsarevic, who took out andy roddick. right at the feet of clement, a shot he normally can handle. john: i don't know if he was trying to fake out fish but he didn't commit to any shot whatsoever. his racket wasn't in position. you need to have better racket preparation than that to hit a tough volley at this point in the match. bill: 30-30.
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jim: oh, my goodness. bill: that was a terrific point. unfortunate to end that way. john: great, great hustle from clement. there were at least a couple of times that mardy could have come in. jim: i think we saw some nerves from fish for the first time in this point. he hit a couple of forehands that were just hoping. he decelerated, he framed one. he was lucky to be in the point that long. a break point chance now for clement to get level or get back on serve anyway here in the fifth. and that's nerves for fish right there. a little bit of a cloak.
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bill: we're back on serve here in the fifth set as arnaud clement, the 32-year-old frenchman comes out to serve at 2-3.
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momentum has gone back and forth between these two. there's mardy fish. john: certainly a battle of wills. test their resolve out there. bill: fourth meeting between these two. they have never played a match that didn't go straight sets. jim: i think what we have here is there were too many balls in play and clement was trying to pick the one that didn't match. this is one of the courts here where, when the balls go out of play the fans can keep them and they have balls that are in varies stages of use. they need to have six balls in play at all times. they're trying to get six that match. bill: been on the court about 3:15 now. john: and there's about a maximum of 30 minutes left in this match. if these guys can just let it all hang out here.
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it's not going to be an isner-mahut affair, 70-68. which, by the way, took both these guys months to recover from. mahut hasn't recovered. mardy's got a great chance to break on this side of the court. you see here that mardy has dictated play with that first serve. a lot more aces, as expected. you have to hand it to clement, though, he seizes opportunities, and he is really giving mardy everything he can handle. >> out. john: that's exactly what clement didn't want to happen. he gets the break back to get himself right back in trouble here. he doesn't win the free points
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the way fish can especially on that side. jim: wow. fish handed over the break in the last game and right now clement is doing his part to give it right back to fish. two bad misses on the forehand and three break point chances for the american. bill: triple break point. jim: that's a mistake. tactical error by fish to go to the backhand there. clement has missed two forehands wildly. his backhand is rock solid.
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you have to make him hit a forehand there. you have to. bill: that's the good news about getting a 40-0 lead. you get another chance and i'm sure he'll do exactly that this mount -- point. john: he ran around his forehand to hit a backhand. bill: clement is not going to make it easy. jim: if i'm fish right now all i'm telling myself is i want to make this return, get the ball on the forehand and never let it go anywhere else. see if he'll break down again. bill: packed house here at louis armstrong stadium. listen to this ovation.
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another break chance for fresh. saved. here comes a review. john: he's got to challenge it. that is the biggest serve that clement is hit today. that is in. it is in. where did he come up with that? 121. you see it caught the line so it skidded a little bit. considering how bad this game started for clement, the fact he's still in it is rather amazing. bill: the wind held it up.
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>> out. bill: it was long. and clement a little frustrated. john: he's going to challenge. bill: another chase review coming. john: actually his serve there was 122 which was his biggest serve. he's hit his two biggest serves in a row and that's a point he should have won. jim: clement has two incorrect challenges remaining and fish is down to just one. bill: each would get an additional challenge if they go to a tie-break. john: who would have thought the challenge system would get this type of ovation? jim: i love it. bill: chase review.
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bill: got it. on their feet here at the u.s. open. jim: fish was leaning on the forehand side for that return of serve. he moved into that one. he got it. great return and then he pummels this forehand inside-out. bill: so he's two games away. john: considering they're 3:22 into this match that footwork was really excellent there. jim: good footwork by stacey too. she's getting up. bill: she's getting up in a hurry. jim: how big are these first couple of points this game for mardy?
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john: i think he's learned his lesson from that last break. last time he served when he really didn't go after . clement to hang in this game. jim: i like how mardy is playing a little quicker too. clement is trying to slow him down, though. that's three great serve. john: that's mardy's biggest serve at 134. jim: yeah, that's his biggest of the match too. john: this is going to be about a 40-second game right now. bill: we're back in a moment.
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bill: we're back? zphork arnaud cle -- we're back in new york and arnaud clement is serving now to stay in the match. 2-5. still breezy. john: clement is really slowing things down. he is so miffed about what happened that last game he's going to make mardy fish wait here. bill: again, the rule is you have to play at the pace of the server so clement really didn't have any choice. jim: that's when your old step on the shoelace play comes out.
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bill: whoops, got it. a little loose there. 2-5. jim: he theens shot. bill: he's not going away. jim: that crosscourt approach better be deep and penetrating. otherwise that happens. john: he's bunting the ball so he uses mardy fish's pace. just directs it up the line. it's a beautiful shot. >> out. bill: looked like it may catch just the outside of that line but didn't. 15-15.
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jim: mardy has come a long way since this time last year, sitting on the couch. bill: mardy fish has won 10 of the last 13 points. jim: had that rib injury. couldn't play the open last year, the fish. john: he has a legitimate shot at making the masters. it's an incredible turnaround. he's only two points away now. >> let. john: it may have been out it
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was very, very close but mardy would have had to give up a review and he wasn't willing to do that. jim: i thought it caught a little of the line. john: it was close. jim: it was carving away from him too. john: yeah. bill: and i believe that mardy only has one challenge left, so -- bill: on that one fish pulled off that forehand moving away from court. that's when he's vulnerable to
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framing the ball. when he leans in on the ball as he's kind of shadowing right there. when he leans on it his torso is a lot more still. less moving parts for him to less moving parts for him to worry about. bill: so clement will force mardy fish to try to serve it out at 5-3. we'll be back with you at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow for our coverage and then again at 11:00 a.m. on labor day. full day here in new york at the u.s. open. kim clijsters against the former french open champion ivanovic. venus williams, and rafa nadal against jill simon.
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that's all tomorrow here on cbs. bill: that is an absolutely great return for clement. john: mardy fish hit the serve he wanted. it was slicing away from the dim intough clement but he cut that angle off beautifully. jim: this is is the side that fish lost his serve on in this set. last time he played over there. played a shaky game. john: he's better able to power through on this side theans against the wind that clement and this may save him. big serve there. jim: fish taking more time this game atlanta the last service
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game. >> fault. jim: that's a result to have score, i think. if he's up 30-0 he's trying to hustle to the finish line but now at 15-30 i think he's going to slow things down, try and shift that momentum. that was a poor miss on the forehand. he needs some first serves, i think. he's going to need some short balls off that serve that he can rip. bill: 30-30. john: he's saying now he has some confidence in that serve. he can power right in the middle of the court and set himself up. and that's the low part of the net.
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jim: clement slow playing here a little bit. match penny. bill: match point for mardy bill: match point for mardy fish. >> fault. >> out.
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bill: yes, he has done it! 6-3 for mardy fish. and this great run at the age of 28 continues here in new of 28 continues here in new york. bill: standing ovation. [laughter] he's getting a lot of love out there and he's giving some back. arnaud clement. he gave mardy all he could handle.
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john: and some. bill: so let's take a look now at this portion of the draw. mardy fish awaits the winner of james blake and djokovic tonight. gasquet-monfils. john: he's loving every minute of it. bill: let's go down to mary jo fernandez. mary jo: mardy, congratulations. what a great effort. you got a standing ovation. how great does it feel to be back after last year when you couldn't play with injury and play that kind of tennis? >> you get goose bumps, no doubt. this is where you know of the best courts in the world. the atmosphere is amazing. thank you guys so much for pulling me through. mary jo: it was a battle from start to finish. what made the difference towards the end of the fifth set? >> it was more of a mental grind than physical. the weather heat-wise was fine.
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the wind was wreaking havoc. it was sort of a mental battle who could stay in the longest. mary jo: you've rededicated yourself, you're fitter than ever. how satisfying is it to be back in the u.s. open, you weren't able to play last year and be back in the round of 16? >> this is certainly the best tournament of the year. and making the quarterfinals in 2008 and not being able to come back with you certainly the darkest time of my career. we put in a lot of hard work. there's a lot of people to thank over there in the corner and here we are. mary jo: your good friend blake is playing djokovic. how much scouting will you do? >> i'll watch the match for sure. novak is a friend too but james blake is a best friend. mary jo: great job. everybody. bill: mardy fish advances 6-3
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in the fifth set. great action here at louis armstrong stadium. and tonight on cbs, a night of drama and mystery. it begins with "csi:" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours mystery." join us again here tomorrow. our live labor day weekend coverage of the 2010 u.s. open continues. at 11:00 a.m. clijsters and ivanovic. venus williams will take on peer of israel. and over on the men's side, rafa nadal continues pursuit of the only grand slam to elewd limb, the u.s. open. he'll take on another frenchman, simon. our coverage starts at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. breezy day here in new york. we had an upset or two. jankovic, the number four
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sealed eliminated. monfils, the flamboyant frenchman advances. steady effort from caroline wozniacki and also an impressive win from naria shahar poifer as -- maria sharapova. on monday it will be wozniacki against sharapova. from our entire cbs team i'm bill macatee. thanks for watching. we'll see you again tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time right here in new york at the u.s. open on cbs. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncic [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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